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Natalie Leininger

Natalie Leininger is a certified financial planner (CFP®), and a certified divorce financial analyst.  Natalie has been in the financial services industry since 1986 and has held the CFP designation since 1989. Natalie provides investment advice, general financial planning, and divorce planning services.  Natalie works as a neutral in collaborative and mediation cases and as a consultant providing support in litigation cases.  

Leininger Financial Services assists clients by providing customized investment planning Services.

Leininger Divorce Planning Services assists individuals and couples to evaluate the short and long- term financial results of potential settlement options.

Natalie is a Collaborative Practitioner who strives to help "Resolve Disputes Respectfully."

Leininger Financial Services and Leininger Divorce Planning assist clients by providing customized investment planning and pre-divorce planning services.

Our services begin by assessing your financial goals and concerns, creating a map of where you are today and what it might take to reach your financial goals. Some specific areas that are reviewed:

·         Retirement Planning

·         Investment Management

·         College Planning and Funding

·         Tax Planning