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Albridge Registration

Sign Up for Albridge

Sign Up for Albridge

Our clients usually have several account registrations for their IRA, Trust, Individual and Joint accounts. Each account legally is provided a separate statement. To bring information into a consolidated report for all of the accounts in a household, we subscribe to a consolidated account reporting system called Albridge.

We offer clients the privilege to access Albridge to make accounting and record keeping easier to maintain. Additionally, we send our clients consolidated account statements quarterly either by mail or email depending on their preference. However, if clients want to receive the information, they can register for online access and review all of their accounts at any time.

If you wish to register for online access, please contact our customer service representative:

  • or call (415) 800-7043

She will send you a link that will bring you directly to the Albridge platform page for enrollment. She will serve as your resource to ensure you have activated your registration and have access to all of your accounts managed by Columbus Advisors.